Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Market Your Book in Your Email Signature

As an author your email signature is a fantastic place to distinguish yourself and stand-out from the crowd of emails that your recipients receive. In fact, it's an excellent way to unobtrusively market your book to all your email recipients. Let's do the math about the size of this marketing opportunity ... if you send an average of 10 emails a day you've got over 300 opportunities a month to tell your email recipients (clients, coworkers, friends, family and vendors) about your book.

At BookBuzzr, we've built a pioneering new feature that generates an email signature (basically an animated gif) from your book. It looks like this -

This is called a HCARD

If you've already uploaded your book to BookBuzzr, you simply need to navigate to the "Start Marketing" page of your book and click on the HCARD link to get your own HCARD code. If you're an author and don't yet have your book on BookBuzzr, it's time you got started :)


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